Executive Board

SIMUN XVI and the SIMUN club are led by the student-staffed Executive Board. The Executive Board is in charge of leading club meetings, selecting future conferences and selecting delegates.

Our 2017-2018 Executive Board is composed of the following students:

Olivia Welsh – Olivia Welsh is a senior at Saint Ignatius who has been doing Model UN since her freshman year. Along with MUN, she plays field hockey, is the head of design for the school newspaper, and does makeup for Harlequins. She’s super excited for a great year of MUN!

Adam Himes – Adam Himes is a senior who has been involved in MUN since his freshman year. Serving his second year on the executive board, he’s extremely thankful to have been chosen as Secretary-General of SIMUN XVI. He spends a lot of his time in MUN, but also plays baseball, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is looking forward to being an Arrupe Mentor in the fall. Adam hopes to pursue degrees in computer science and international affairs in college. Adam is pictured above, in the middle.

GB Moynihan – GB Moynihan is a junior at St. Ignatius, and has been a member of SIMUN since his freshman year. He went to grade school at the University of Chicago Lab School and plays soccer and rugby. GB is pictured above, on the right.

Delaney Coyne – Delaney Coyne is a junior at Saint Ignatius and has been involved in Model UN for three years. Outside of MUN, she is the editor of the I Page on the newspaper, is on the Voices of Women club, Ambassadors club, and has a job working at a restaurant in LaGrange. Delaney is passionate about politics and helping people, which she hopes to continue not just in her next two years of MUN, but throughout her career as well.

Katie Goldman – Serving her second year on SIMUN Executive Board, Katie Goldman is a senior at Ignatius. WHen she isn’t at MUN, Katie can be found swinging on the golf course, working with the Robotics Team, or writing an article for the SICP Newspaper. Her favorite part about SIMUN is getting to travel all over the world with some of her best friends! Katie is pictured above at the far right.

Cole Hopkins – Cole Hopkins is a senior at Saint Ignatius, currently in his fourth year on the
SIMUN team. In previous conferences he has chaired UNEP and the Modern Day Israeli Cabinet, and is looking forward to chairing the Russian Cabinet for SIMUN XVI. Outside of school, Cole enjoys reading and rock climbing.

Will Brodlo – Will Brodlo is a senior at Saint Ignatius and has been involved with SIMUN for four years. Outside of MUN, Will plays volleyball and is involved in photography club. He is a co-president of fashion club and an assistant editor of Phantasm. Will loves the enthusiasm in Model UN and is looking forward to the MUN season!

Chris Mitchell – Christopher Mitchell, also known as Mitch, has been in SIMUN since freshman year. He can usually be found in crisis committees like FBI or CDC. He has been president of Irish heritage club since his freshman year and is a student ambassador. He is an avid House of Cards fan who loves to travel. Chris hopes to someday “work for the government” or run for public office.

Juliet Welsh – Juliet Welsh is a senior at Saint Ignatius and has been in MUN for four years. Outside of Model UN she is in the school plays and is an executive board member for the club Erika’s Lighthouse. In college, she hopes to major in film production.

Olivia DiMonte – Olivia DiMonte is a senior member of the SIMUN Executive Board. She has been involved in SIMUN since freshman year and anticipates a great year for the club. Outside of MUN she is an avid classics scholar, and enjoys playing golf. She is interested in pursuing a political science major in college. Olivia is pictured above on the far left.

Maggie Doyle – Maggie Doyle is a senior, and beyond excited for her last year in SIMUN. Outside of MUN, she loves volunteering for Big Shoulders, writing and editing the newspaper, traveling, reading, and spending time with her friends. Maggie is pictured second from right.

Tomas Turriff-Ortega – Tomas is a senior at Saint Ignatius and has been an active member of Model UN for the past four years. Serving his second year on the SIMUN Executive Board, he loves traveling around the world with the SIMUN team. He enjoys almost any sport, especially baseball and soccer, is a member of the National Honors Society, and wants to pursue a career in international studies after high school.

Serena White Serena is a junior at Saint Ignatius and is in her first year on the Executive Board. In addition to MUN, Serena is also on the Ignatius sailing team. She cannot wait to see everyone in November for SIMUN XVI!

Adam Chu Adam Chu is a senior on the Saint Ignatius Model United Nations Exec Board. When he’s not busy fantasizing about Maoist theory or being the Party Chairman of the CCP, Chu enjoys playing the piano and easting food. He is an Arrupe Mentor and hopes to major in either chemical engineering or business.