SIMUN is St. Ignatius College Prep’s Model United Nations club. SIMUN has had continued success in winning top awards at each of the conferences we attend.  We are even expanding our sights to competing on the international level.  In 2011, SIMUN attended its first international conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2013, we attended another international conference, in China. In 2014, we attended a conference in Germany. In 2015, we traveled to a conference in Amterdam. In 2016, we traveled to Japan and in 2017 we traveled back to China. In 2018 we traveled to Germany and Prague, and this year we are heading back to Japan!

SIMUN would like to thank all of the wonderful parents who sacrifice so much to make these amazing experiences possible.  We also thank St. Ignatius College Prep in its efforts to provide financial aid for Model UN trips so that all students have the opportunity to participate.

SIMUN plans on attending these conferences this year:

  • September 14: Stevenson High School (SMUNC)
  • September 21: FRESHMUN at Saint Ignatius
  • October 5: Carl Sandburg High School (CSMUN)
  • October 11-13: Washington University in Saint Louis (WUMUNS)
  • October 19: PACKMUN IV at Saint Ignatius
  • October 25: SIMUN Parent Cocktail Party
  • November 2: SIMUN XVIII at Saint Ignatius
  • November 14-18: UCLA BRUIN MUN in California
  • December 5-8: Chicago International (CIMUN)
  • January 15-19: Columbia University (CMUNCE) in New York City
  • January 25: DUALMUNC at Saint Ignatius
  • January 31-February 2: University of Notre Dame (NDMUN) in South Bend, IN
  • February 12-16: North American Invitational Conference (NAIMUN) in Washington, D.C.
  • February 29: Lyons Township High School (LYMUN)
  • March: University of Illinois (MUNI)
  • March 18-22: Boston College EAGLEMUNC in Boston
  • April: Glenbrook South High School (GBSMUN)
  • April 9-19: Spring Break Trip to Japan!