committee size

41-60 delegates

21-40 delegates

15-24 delegates

position papers

Position papers are required in order to be eligible for awards

SIMUN requires that all position lists are at least one page, single spaced and are typed using Times New Roman 12 pt font. One paper per committee topic is sufficient. MLA intext citations are encouraged, but not required, but a MLA heading is strongly encouraged.

Ask your chair for further guidelines and refer to the background guide. They may ask for you to email them a copy of your paper. We recommend to bring at least two copies of each paper to the conference, as one you will turn in upon entering committee.

parliamentary pro

Parliamentary Procedure is utilized in every committee session

Refer to the handbook for acceptable motion types during committee session

Email your chair or vice chair if you have any additional questions concerning the background guide or how committee will be run


total committees
general assemblies

united states congress: Bill clinton's administration

Chair- Sophia Siok
Small Single Delegation


Chair- Jai Devnani
Medium Double Delegation

formula one: concorde agreement

Chair- Daniel Wilkison
Small Single Delegation

iaea fukushima nuclear disaster: 2011

Chair- Michael Murray
Small Single Delegation

cuban missile crisis: jfk's cabinet

Chair- Connor Mangone
Small Single Delegation